Chief and Council are responsible for Lands and resources, capital projects, Land claims, Treaty issues, community wellness, election code and community, culture and recreation. They also oversee social services, health, administration, infrastructure projects, economic development and other services for the Buffalo River Dene Nation community. 

Believing the strength of the Nation lies in its people, the entire Chief and Council feels a particular commitment to increasing access to mental health services and bolstering community supports to help reduce the loss of lives to suicide. 

chief and council
Chief and Council with Meadow Lake Tribe Council and Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations’ Chiefs 

As a mother and grandmother of five, Catarat knows the importance of supporting members to grow a strong future. Catarat’s priorities include supports for families, economic development, education and health services. Catarat is ready to work with Council to generate more resources for the community. She was elected as Chief in February 2022.

As a young person, Billette was emersed in the vibrance of the Buffalo River Dene Nation. He volunteered at the radio station, led summer youth programs and experienced all the land had to offer. He learned a lot from his Elders and honours their knowledge by sharing their stories. 

At 18, Billette earned a Class 1 A License and started working in transportation. From there, he worked in the mining industry, learning about many aspects of the industry. Working away, he felt a calling to be home and contribute to the Nation. This led him to run for Chief and Council in 2022. He believes housing and education are essential for the well-being of all members. 

 As a kid, Billette enjoyed activities in and out of town like hockey and fastball. At the age of 16, he started in the forestry industry and built a career over 30 years. His goal is to provide career opportunities in and beyond the community. Billette is keen to work with corporations interested in working on or near Buffalo River’s traditional territory.

 As a father and grandfather, Catarat wants to build a sustainable future for generations to come. Catarat’s business administration background led to a career in politics and working at the Buffalo River Band Office. One of his major contributions was bringing cable T.V. and radio to the reserve. He appreciates the experiences offered by working for the band from education to operations and the wonderful opportunities these roles provide to grow.

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